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You may or may not have heard about Wherehab, unless you’re in the recovery community, in which case there’s a good chance you probably have. On April 22nd, Wherehab organized and hosted an event at Harold’s Coffee Lounge called “Sober Paint Party”, modeled after the Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal. This event was just one of many Wherehab produces in order to raise money to help a group of people many organizations are sadly closing their doors to and giving up on – homeless addicts. Inspired by the message Wherehab drives, over 200 people showed up to dance, drink coffee, and throw Holi paint at each other. (Holi paint is a powder paint made from flowers that are used in the Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colors” or the “festival of love”.) 400lbs of Holi paint filled the back yard and air of Harold’s – so much that people would pull off the road to see what was going on. “Sober Paint Party”, among other unique events that Wherehab have hosted, is a real testament to the fact that people can still have a fun time and socialize, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Wherehab is an online rehabilitation center review platform and has been gaining notoriety in the recovery community in recent months. The attention comes from Wherehab’s integrity, for only posting real reviews which go through a verification process. Wherehab has grabbed the attention of local news and radio shows; including WPTV, Local Fox, and Many facilities are now supporting the message and reaching out to sponsor these events and be a part of this cause. The recent event was funded in thanks to JouneryPure, Recovery Ways and Graces Way. Many treatment facilities and sober living centers brought their clients to attend the event, intertwining the residents in harmony and strengthening their community.

People in early recovery were sharing how it was the most fun they ever had sober; A testament to the value of events like these. With energetic performances by SADA and Maxvell, that energy and good vibes filled the air and seemed to be shared and reverberated by everyone who attended. “Seeing people come together and support a valuable cause was inspiring”, said one attendee.

Wherehab goes far beyond just organizing sober parties. To find out more visit their website and you will discover a more advanced platform for ratings drug treatment centers. You’ll find informative articles, stories written by recovery bloggers, and real reviews that are strictly vetted.

Wherehab was founded in West Palm Beach, Florida by Hanna Marks out of the desire to heal corruption in the clouded rehabilitation industry. Hanna Marks believed that the only way to help the industry and those who rely on it was to have more accountability. We are grateful that Wherehab chose Harold’s Coffee Lounge to host their events and look forward to working with Hanna and her company in the future! Companies like Wherehab and events such as these are what makes our communities a better place to live and grow together.

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